PetSafe Bark Control Collar and Other Collars

July 4, 2017

There are a lot of different variations of bark control collars that are available in the market today. One of these types of bark control collars is the PetSafe bark control collars.

Usually, http://www.the-hunting-dog.com/bark-collars/ bark to convey what they are feeling to their owners/trainers by barking but sometimes it becomes too much. That kind of excessive barking is what the PetSafe bark control collar is aiming to correct.

Excessive barking can be troublesome especially if you are trying to sleep. PetSafe collar units utilize three variations of correction. Some PetSafe bark control collar models uses static electricity. When the dog barks, the PetSafe collar responds to the vibration of the dogs bark and emits a static correction.

Owners should be assured that the static electricity emitted by the collar is not dangerous and will not hurt the dog in any way. It is like when you feel static electricity upon sliding your feet on a carpet. A usual PetSafe bark control collar utilizes sound and vibration technology that ensures a safe but proper barking correction.

The dog’s barking is absorbed by the attached chip where it will be studied. If the chip determines that the dog’s barking is not excessive, it will not emit a static correction. Because the PetSafe bark control collar only automatically responds to the dog’s excessive barking, owners can leave their dog by itself to play with other animals or at a house without any fear that their dog will experience any unnecessary correction from the collar.

The other types of collars are the citronella dog bark collar. The citronella collar utilizes the strange smell of citronella to stop the dog from barking. When the dog is barking excessively, the collar will squirt out citronella immediately.

Another type of bark control collar is the sonic bark collar which gives a sound that only the dog hears. It will immediately emit a sound if the dog barks excessively. A usual sonic bark collar is made of light weight material so that every dog can wear it.

Owners also do not need to worry that they have to spend a considerable time training their dog how to get used to it. Just clip the device onto the collar and it will begin to correct the dog as the dog barks. Dogs also do not have to wear the collar forever because once they get the notion that they are wearing the collar because they are barking excessively, they will stop.