Bouncy Castles For Sale

July 3, 2017

As soon as someone reads an ad offering ‘bouncy castles for sale’, they should know that the overwhelming odds are that those bouncy castles for sale are situated in the United Kingdom. This is because Americans describe bouncy castles as Bouncy Houses, Moon Bounces, Spacewalk and several other names; Canadians call them Jumping Castles, as do South Africans and it is only the British, the New Zealanders a few Australians that would say that there are ‘Bouncy Castles for sale over there’, for example.

Bouncy Castles For Sale

The first bouncy structures were in America. The idea of bouncy structures arose in Louisiana in 1959, but the first bouncy houses were available from about 1968. These were bouncy house rentals. The first factory making bouncy houses started eight years later in 1976.

cheap moonwalk rentals austin tx in the United Kingdom were made by Richard Hopkirk in 1978. Hopkirk started manufacturing bouncy castles for sale and hire. His original design was the one that is still most prevalent in the UK today: it has an inflatable base and three inflatable walls. The reason that this form of bouncy castle is so prevalent is that Richard Hopkirk did not register his design with the patent office.

If you are looking for bouncy castles for sale or hire, it is a good idea to use a firm that is registered with one of the regulatory organizations in the United Kingdom. One of these organizations is the British Inflatable Hirers Alliance or BIHA for short.

As the name states the alliance is for hirers of bouncy castles, but companies with bouncy castles for sale can become associate members. Members and associate members can have their names listed on the BIHA web site so that the public can check up on a company’s bona fides before dealing with them

There is another organization that gives some indication of those with bouncy castles for sale or those that rent them out. It is a voluntary organization known as PIPA. The benefit of checking prospective firms with PIPA is that PIPA has been endorsed by the government’s HSO (Health and Safety Organization), which should inspire some confidence in the company and its products.

If you want to buy bouncy castles for sale, resale or hire, it may be worth buying products that have been ‘PIPA Tagged’ which means that they have passed tests carried out by PIPA. This PIPA test is also available to older bouncy castles, if the hirer or owner wants their equipment safety tagged.

Once again, if an inflatable toy such as a bouncy castle has been PIPA tagged then that bouncy castle for sale or hire can be found in the indexes on the PIPA web site. Inflatables that have been tagged need to have their safety tag renewed every year.

There are several other organizations involved in the regulation of bouncy castles for sale and hire such as the Performance Textiles Association, Association of Inflatables Manufacturers, Operators, Designers and Suppliers (AIMODS), and the Federation of Major Inflatable Manufacturers (FMIM).

There are too many associations concerned with inflatable toys, but if you are in the market for bouncy castles for sale or hire it is better to have too many places to check than nowhere at all.